What Kyle Can Speak About

Kyle has been a featured speaker at SXSW, SMX Social Media, the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, Inbox Summit, and Light City U. He's also been a guest lecturer at the University of South Florida, Winthrop University, and Ringling College of Art & Design, where he also wrote the curriculum for the college's first course in Digital Marketing. See below for topics Kyle can speak about with your organization and testimonials from organizers and audiences.


Nothing is more exciting to me than taking huge risks. The places with the highest stakes are the best places to win, but they're also the best places to lose. I've seen both in my career. I'll share:

  • The greatest risks from more than a dozen successful people and how they paid off or hurt.
  • How to orient yourself towards risk and thrive in high-stakes environments
  • How to know which risks to take.

Data-Driven Parenting?

The research says we shouldn't tell our children they're smart or our daughters they're beautiful. But I do both with my daughters. I'll share:

  • Why the data isn't always right.
  • How to create internal standards your kids will carry with them outside the home.
  • Why telling your children they are smart and beautiful sets them up for healthy relationships.

The three T's Of Viral Content

Four times in five years, I had content go "viral." Three times were for myself, and a fourth for a client. While there's no viral formula, there is a core set of traits all viral content has. I'll share:

  • What makes fantastic, must-be-shared content? The Three T's.
  • How "viral" content comes to be, how it spreads, and how it doesn't.
  • How often you'll fail: the most necessary traits for great creators.


Medium changed LinkedIn. Periscope changed Facebook. Snapchat changed Instagram. Every new feature sends ripples throughout the social web. What's next?

  • How do new social products impact the big players?
  • What's coming next and how will it impact your social presence?
  • How can you know which trends to leap on and which to buck?

Data Defeats Truman

I co-created a data project called "Data Defeats Truman" and since July 2015, we collected every post, tweet, snap, and email from all of the presidential candidates. More than 200,000 pieces of content.

  • How much does good digital marketing impact election results?
  • What can digital operations tell us about a campaign?
  • What were the funniest & weirdest digital moments of the 2016 election?


CRM is typically viewed as a technology solution in today’s marketing landscape, but in reality, it’s as much an approach as it is a piece of database software. I'll share:

  • Five things you should already be doing when you talk to your customers.
  • Why customer care is so well suited for CRM.
  • How to build a CRM approach that deepens customer experiences.


"A huge number of people have personally told me how impressed they were with you - your talk was hysterical and disruptive, in all of the best ways.
Kyle, you made a lasting impression on everyone there, myself included. You successfully blew our minds."

– Brooke Hall, cofounder, Light City U


"Best Presentation yet at #SXSW by @DataDefeats."

Erik Poole, attendee, SXSW


"Total #nerdswoon over @kylejbritt of @havashelia_NA at #LightCityU! Check out their #DataDefeatsTruman podcast!"

Jessica Bizik, Attendee, LIGHT CITY U

"@kylejbritt and @MKinstlinger killing it! So smart. #crm4prez @datadefeats"

– Maggie Gross, Speaker, understandingaverage.com

"What an impassioned, energetic and informative presentation by @kylejbritt on #data and #Election2016 #LightCityU #LightCityBaltimore"

– Thomas Wise, Attendee, LIGHT CITY U

"Bravo to @kylejbritt & @MKinstlinger from @havashelia_NA for a great @DataDefeats session @sxsw 2016."

Paul Marobella, CEO, Havas Chicago


"Excellent discussion; huge value added."

– William J. Murphy, Associate Professor @ NEIT, Inbox Summit


"I wanted to drop a note and say thank you for hosting the Better Brief Writing Webinar. It was informative, concise, and refreshing..."

– jamie kirschner, AAF Webinar Attendee

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